How old do you have to be to play?

Participants must be 18 or over to play.

When do you announce the draw date?

We will announce the draw date when 80% of the tickets are sold.

How do you select the winner?

We will select the winner using a random ticket generator which will be broadcast live over our social media platforms.

Can you extend the draw date?

We reserve the right to extend the draw date if we consider that there has been insufficient entries.

When will you announce the winner?

Within 14 days of the closing date, we will draw and announce the winner. The winner will then be contacted by us directly.

What happens if you don't sell all the tickets?

If within 90 days we do not sell 80% of tickets, we will either refund all tickets or we will still hold the live draw and the winner receives 70% of the ticket revenue for that competition.

How much do you give to charity?

When does the charity receive the donation?

Can I chose my own charity?

We understand that everyone has a charity close to their hearts. Thats why at Lux Watch Mania we give the winner the opportunity to select a legitimate organisation of their choice and will be donated in their name.